Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday PM Thoughts

  • “Christ's work is about love, not statistics. Christianity is not a statistical endeavor.” - a great topic for visiting teaching and home teaching. 
  • Be willing to give more.  Time, money, interests in others. Even when it’s inconvenient.
  • Testimony and faith come line upon line; be patient. "We do not discard something we know to be true because of something we do not yet understand." If we seek with real intent, Heavenly Father will give us the answers we seek. "Spiritual questions deserve spiritual answers from God." 

  • Cherish the opportunity of fasting - God will be generous to you
  • Steps to follow
  • Feed the desire to be a better follower of Christ
  • Pray for this desire, that your faith may grow
  • Obtain knowledge 
  • Make the decision to follow today! 
  • Elder Andersen's challenge: find scriptures you know are true and then share them with friends and family. Read the Prophet Joseph Smith's testimony!
  • Restore Peaceful assurance (6 Practical Suggestions) (Elder Jörg Klebingat)
  • #1- Take responsibility for your own spiritual well being.
  • #2- Take care of your physical well being.
  • #3- Embrace whole hearted obedience.
  • #4- Become really really good and repenting thoroughly and quickly.
  • #5- Become really really good at forgiving.
  • #6- Accept trials, surprises, and setbacks as part of your mortal experience.
  • Build family unity upon the firm foundation of the gospel
  • Give all you can.