Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 2013: 40 Days - 40 Nights Challenge By Rich Watson

Rich Watson submitted the following to the LDS General Conference Facebook page. What a great challenge for us all. 

 Several years ago, while on a deployment to Iraq I was trying to figure out a more effective to study and apply the messages conveyed in the most recent General Conference. In doing so I came up with a daily study chart that organizes the conference talks into a one talk a day schedule. What I found is that listening to conference this way and then discussing that one talk with my wife gave me a much greater understanding of the message in EACH talk. Now, well over three years later, this has become somewhat of a General Conference tradition for my wife and I. 
 I would challenge each of you to prayerfully consider joining my wife and me in this challenge. It is more than just reading or listening to one talk. It is making an effort to ponder on and discuss each talk to see how it can apply to you, your family, your church service, your work and every aspect of your life. I know you and your family can and will be blessed as you listen to these words from our leaders. Who is up for the 40 Day and 40 Night Challenge? 
Rich Watson