Saturday, October 5, 2013

183rd Semiannual General Conference

"From the crossroads of the West..." Wait that is Music and the Spoken Word.
"From the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah..."  There that is better.

Wow another six months has come and gone and we find ourselves ready to hear the wonderful words from our Prophet and other beloved church leaders.  What great anticipation for me, and hopefully for you, to have this weekend finally here.

It is great to be back here at the blog and Google Drive documents. It is amazing to me that this little project started four and a half years ago. For those that are new to this site, WELCOME!  I am glad you found it. For a little bit of history on this site/blog you can read up on it here.

These past three to four weeks I have been taking advantage of my morning commute on the bus to read all the talks in conference before today's first session. I am proud to say I was able to complete the task and am reinvigorated to receive the counsel from the church leaders.

May our "dibbed" spot be available, may the Spirit be present, and may our ears, minds and hearts be open to the counsel so that we might know of our Heavenly Father's desire for us, His children, at this time and for the next six months.