Thursday, September 12, 2013

April Review - Stand Strong in Holy Places

Be assured that all of the prophets before us stood strong in their day:
Nephi performed the curious work of the Lord despite the buffetings of Satan and the persecutions of Laman and Lemuel, his brothers.
Abinadi testified of Christ in the face of suspicion, scorn, and certain death.
The 2,000 stripling warriors defended their families against those who despised gospel values.
Moroni raised the title of liberty to preserve his people’s families and religious freedom.
Samuel stood on a wall and prophesied of Christ’s coming while rocks and arrows were assailing him.
The Prophet Joseph Smith restored the Savior’s gospel, sealing his testimony with his blood.
And Mormon pioneers stood strong in the face of withering opposition and hardship, following a prophet in their great trek and settlement of the West.
These great servants and Saints of God were able to stand strong because they stood with the Savior.,p29,p30,p31,p32,p33,p34,p35,p36?lang=eng