Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday PM Session

Time for the last opportunity to take conference notes one with another until April.

To help take notes please click here. There is a max of 50 people that can be on. If you don’t get in at first and would like to help please keep trying. People filter in and out.
Please reference previous sessions to see how the notes are organized.
Due to the max number please remember to be courteous and allow all to participate. As more than one person might feel a phrase/thought is important at the same time duplication could be a problem. As this cannot be controlled if someone else is writing the same item which you were going to write, who ever started first wins. Please feel free to add any additional points following. Any cross references or other insight are encouraged. Put any personal thoughts should be indented and in italics. If you have any questions please us the chat window on the right.
Editing will be available for a time period after all sessions, please come back and add anything that was missed.
If you could also at sometime take the survey to provide honest feedback.

Help out

Watch with a five minute delay here.