Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How Do You Remember Them All?

When I was a younger my mother taught me a limerick to memorize all the quorum of the twelve apostles in order. It went like this:

A friend was packing (PACKER) a lunch for his friend PERRY. However he left out the coffee because he HAIGHTs MAXWELL. His doctor NELSON told him it would make his arteries as hard as OAKS, and at his funeral they have to sing BALLARDS of the WIRTHLIN of souls.  They would have to hand out SCOTTs tissues because the speaker who HALES from HOLLAND would leave you with EYRINGs.

Kind of silly I know, but it was easy to remember them all.  Now I ask of you. Is there such a limerick for today's Apostles? I challenge you to make one. Submit it here. I will post the best ones.