Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What They Said Wednesday–Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Talk:  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland - Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

  • Looking for men to sign on and speak up, we are at war.  He will be a one man recruiting station, looking for missionaries.
  • I wish to speak candidly.
  • Joseph Smith’s first vision showed a confrontation to destroy the boy.
    • 1. Satan is real; his motives are malicious
    • 2. He is eternally opposed to the love of God, The Atonement
      • He knows he isn’t going to win, but he is determined to take as many spirits that he can.
  • Satan cannot take a life, but he can bind the tongue of the faithful.
  • We want battalions to take weapons as the word of God.
  • Aaronic Priesthood take note: We are in a life and death contest, Elder Holland is up in our face.  Bringing enough fire to singe our eye brows.
  • We need to be more morally clean than we are.  Can't play for the adversary then suit up for the savior when we want.  
  • Stay on the team, stop dribbling out of bounds.  
  • The Lord has drawn lines, you can't travel down forbidden paths, and then challenge others to follow the strait path.   
  • There is hope, it is the miracle of forgiveness.  Be active and stay clean, or get active and clean up.  
  • He is grabbing us by the lapels and shouting “hark the sound of battle is ringing, come join the ranks.”  
  • Couples are very needed.  To encourage couples, housing for couples is supplemented, and length of the mission can be shortened.  
  • Brethren, tell your wives that if you can leave the remotes, they can leave the grandkids for a few short months.  There is no better gift to our children than to see their parents and grandparents serving the Lord
  • Bishops look for impressions for those who should be called to the field. Counsel with them.
  • We need a lot more missionaries opening the gate and helping others through it.  We need voices not only against evil, but for good, helping those who know not where to find it.
  • Unbind your tongue, wonders for those that look for the truth that cannot find it.
  • Stay by the Colors - We’re joyfully marching to our home. (We are all Enlisted)