Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What They Said Wednesday–President Thomas S. Monson


Talk: President Thomas S. Monson President and Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  • We HAVE felt the Spirit of the Lord in rich abundance.
  • Read and study the talks
  • Expresses love and appreciation
  • May we be good citizens of the countries where we live
  • Reach out to others, as well as to our own
  • Be an example of honesty and integrity wherever we go.
  • Keep praying for all the authorities of the church
  • Thank you for the prayers!
  • In 3 weeks’ time, the entire Christian world will be celebrating Easter. I’m grateful everyday of my life for his atoning sacrifice in our behalf.
    • None of us can conceive the full importance of what our Savior did for us in Gethsemane
    • He could have turned back but he did not.
    • In doing so, he gave us life beyond this mortal existence and reclaimed us from the fall of Adam.
    • He taught us how to live and how to die.
    • He secured our salvation.
  • Empty Linen by Emily Harris

The linen which once held Him is empty.
It lies there,
Fresh and white and clean.
The door stands opened.
The stone is rolled away,
And I can almost hear the angels singing His praises.
Linen cannot hold Him.
Stone cannot hold Him.
The words echo through the empty limestone chamber,
“He is not here.”
The linen which once held Him is now empty.
It lies there,
Fresh and white and clean
And oh, hallelujah, it is empty.
-- The New Era, April 2011

  • “Blessings to you, brothers and sisters.”