Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What They Said Wednesday–Elder Richard G. Scott


Talk: Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

  • I have no power to describe the peace and serenity that I will be able to live with my beloved Jeanene and our children forever.
  • Two vital pillars for the Plan of Happiness: Marriage and Family
    • Satan is RELENTLESSLY trying to destroy these institutions
  • The temple sealing has greater meaning as life unfolds and will help you find greater joy in mortality.
  • Elder Scott meant to fix the broken washer, but his wife told him to go play with his children---it really is what will make memories
  • Young Men: Don’t waste time in idle pursuits and get married. Make it your priority.
    • Get on with life!
    • Show young woman that you are an exceptional person, show her some ingenuity
    • If you want to have a wonderful wife, you need to have her see you as an exceptional man
    • Date in worthwhile locations.
  • Are you faithful to your spouse mentally as well as physically?
    • Never engage in a conversation with another person that you wouldn’t want your spouse to overhear
  • Brethren, do you lead the family spiritual activities? Or does your wife have to fill in your gaps? How often do you tell her that you love her? How often do you express gratitude for her?
  • It’s the little things in life--like the notes Elder Scott’s wife left--that strengthen a marriage
    • “Jeanene, It’s time to tell you that I love you.”
  • Pure love is an incomparable, potent power for good.
    • Foundation for a successful marriage
  • As a mother, you have been given divine instincts to help you sense your child’s special talents and unique capacities.
  • Marriage IS rewarding! It IS wonderful! It is so rewarding to be married. You have times when you are extremely happy, times of testing, and times of trial. The Lord guides you through all these experiences together.
  • One of the reasons we are counseled to get married early in life is to avoid developing inappropriate character traits that are hard to change.  
  • Marriage provides an ideal setting for overcoming any tendency to be selfish or self-centered.
  • Sorrow for those who choose not to marry, and also for those who have not yet had the opportunity
  • All things are possible to the Lord.
    • He keeps all the promises His Prophets declare.
    • With certainty, you will receive each promised blessing for which you are worthy.
  • What a great example of what a marriage should be like