Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What They Said Wednesday–Bishop H. David Burton

Talk: Bishop H. David Burton Presiding Bishop

  • Story: 1897 - David O McKay, knocking doors and giving out tracts was met by an haggard lady saying, “Will this buy me any bread?”
    • I had a deeper realization that the Church of Christ should be and is interested in the temporal salvation of men
    • That woman was in no condition to hear the word of God
  • April 6, 1936 - The Welfare Program of the Church (during the Great Depression)
    • Melvin J Ballard was first Chairman, Harold B Lee first managing director.
  • A system to reach out and take care of people no matter what the cost
    • Would be willing to close seminaries, temples, but would not let the people go hungry. Who said this? (isn’t this an interesting idea and dichotomy?)
  • We shall do all to assist in the way the Lord
  • “Many programs have been set up to help those in need. Most are set up with a short-sighted objective, helping people rather than helping people help themselves - Marion G. Romney
  • Personal responsibility and self-reliance.
  • Self reliance is a product of provident living
    • Each generation is responsible to learn the principles of self reliance
    • Avoid debt
    • Prepare for times of distress
    • Learn to be thrifty
    • Learn to distinguish between needs and wants and live accordingly
  • Sacrifice and consecration are Celestial principles
    • “We have all said that the Welfare Plan is not the United Order and was not intended to be. However, I should like to suggest to you that perhaps, after all, when the Welfare Plan gets thoroughly into operation … we shall not be so very far from carrying out the great fundamentals of the United Order.”  Liahona, January 1980. (article link)
  • We give to the poor to “retain a remission of [our] sins.” (Mosiah 4:12, 26)
  • “No matter how many temples we build, no matter how large the church grows, if we don’t ‘succor the weak, lift up the hands that hang down, etc’, we are under condemnation and cannot please the Lord.”
  • South American Bishop organized a Ward Garden.
    • Took upon themselves the yoke and burden of their brothers and sisters. +
  • Robert Taylor Burton: “Snow deep. So cold.” (11 degrees below zero) - Story told of young mother giving birth on the trek. She lacked clothing for her baby. Brother Burton took his own shirt and gave to the woman to wrap her baby.
  • Robert Taylor Burton: “Be kind to the poor.” (Matthew 25:38)
  • The Welfare system is not merely an interesting footnote in the church. The essence of who we are as examples of our savior and exemplar, Jesus Christ.
  • Now go, and do thou likewise (Luke 10:37)