Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What They Said Wednesday! Larry M. Gibson–Priesthood

Talk: Elder Larry M. Gibson First Counselor of the General Young Men Presidency

  • Young men are to watch over, protect and serve their families
  • President of the Deacons Quorum is one of four members in the ward with Priesthood keys (Deacons Quorum President, Teachers Quorum President, Bishop, Elders Quorum President- the ward Bishop is President of the Priests Quorum)
  • Experience with a newly called Deacons President:
    • Do ye suppose the Lord would call you without direction
    • D&C 107:85 - Not a class but a council
    • Duties:
      • 1. Watch over standing as Ministers to the ward
      • 2. Assist teachers when needed
        • Know their duties - Duty to God
      • 3. To warn, expound, exhort, to teach all to come unto Christ.
    • “Council of 12”- a deacon is to preside over a council of 12 deacons as stated in D&C 107:85
    • Does the Bishop have responsibility for the ward members only, or all who live in the ward boundaries? All who live within the ward boundaries and the same holds for others who hold the Priesthood keys.
  • Priesthood means to reach out.
  • Priesthood not a gift, but a commission to serve - President Monson.